Aggression during personal care: caregiver behavior counts!

From Alzheimer’s Care Guide Vol 22 No.2

A team of the University of Michigan School of Nursing found that caregivers negative facial and verbal expressions are major triggers for dementia related aggressive behaviors during showering.

The team reached the conclusion, published in The Gerontologist, after observing more than one hundred nursing home residents with Alzheimer’s Disease for three weeks.

Previous studies have found negative caregiver behaviors such as hurrying residents and using “baby talk” increased aggression during bathing, dressing and oral care.

Together, these findings suggest that being kind and respectful, smiling often, and offering friendly words of reassurance are some of the most powerful tools caregivers have to prevent dementia-related aggression during personal care activities.In the community homes or family settings these care tips are powerful tools: When assisting or performing personal care always be calm, not hurried, give one task at a time to do.